Gibs geologen + ingenieure was established as a BGB company in Nürnberg in 1992 by Wolf Blumenthal and Dr. Heinrich Schoger as equal partners and has been operating as a GmbH & Co. KG company since 2014.

Since the end of the 1980s, environmental engineering projects (planning and remediation of landfills, surveys, remediation, and monitoring of contaminated sites, surveys pertaining to erosion control and natural resources management) increasingly became the focus of “Wolf Blumenthal Ingenieurbüro” (WBI) Mainz.

Due to the increasing complexity of projects, and in order to serve the U.S. installations at Grafenwöhr and Hohenfels from a closer and more convenient location, WBI opened a subsidiary in Weiden. Eventually, the office was relocated to Nürnberg and was re-established as Gibs geologen + ingenieure in 1992.

As a partnership, WBI and Gibs geologen + ingenieure have completed increasingly complex and comprehensive projects for the U.S. Army as well as for a large number of clients in the public and private sectors over the past 20 years.

After WBI closed, the former WBI subsidiary in Mainz served as a branch office of Gibs geologen + ingenieure from 2011 to 2017.

Today, the company can look back on numerous successfully completed projects. Expertise, dependability, and the experience gained from over 1,200 projects are the foundation of Gibs’ success. Services adjusted to meet changing needs and requirements resulted in the development of new business sectors, e.g. natural resources management and environmental informatics, GIS, and renewable energy sources to name but a few.

With a staff of approximately 30 highly qualified employees, Gibs geologen + ingenieure has become one of the largest planning and consulting offices for environmental engineering projects in Northern Bavaria.