Our team consists of more than 30 highly motivated engineers and natural scientists from diverse fields. We are thus capable of successfully accomplishing a wide range of complex tasks involving various disciplines. Our team is also characterized by extensive language proficiency, being able to provide services in a variety of languages.

Points of Contact:

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Heinrich Schoger, Diplom Geologist, PhD

Managing Director, Consulting Engineer
Accredited Expert (Bavarian LfW) in terms of the BBodSchG, Article 18,
for Subject Fields 1, 2, and 5

Between 1988 and 1992, Dr. Schoger was responsible for the Environmental Department of Wolf Blumenthal Ingenieurbüro. In 1992, Dr. Schoger and co-founder Wolf Blumenthal established Gibs geologen + ingenieure, of which both partners have since acted as managing directors. Dr. Schoger’s responsibilities include budget planning and review, contract acquisition and management, and cost and progress review as well as the management and coordination of more than 30 employees.
Over the last two decades, Dr. Schoger has managed over 400 studies and planning projects in the fields of environment and engineering, and has successfully completed over 250 projects across Europe for the U.S. Army. Dr. Schoger is an expert on German environmental law, approval procedures, and disposal regulations.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 11
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Wolf Blumenthal, Diplom Engineer, Landscape Architecture

Managing Director, Consulting Engineer

From 1972 to 2008, Mr. Blumenthal managed Wolf Blumenthal Ingenieurbüro (WBI), Mainz, with offices in Nürnberg and Magdeburg. WBI’s interdisciplinary team comprised more than 40 employees from various engineering, scientific, and technical disciplines.
As co-founders of Gibs geologen + ingenieure, which was established in 1992, Mr. Blumenthal and Dr. Schoger have since acted together as the firm’s managing directors. As a senior consultant, Mr. Blumenthal’s primary focus is currently on the acquisition of new clients.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 30
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Klaus Rentschler, Diplom Geologist

Managing Director, Department Manager “Environmental Engineering and Remediation”
Expert for Environmental Facilities and Landfill Management

Mr. Rentschler is involved in a broad spectrum of environmental and technical engineering projects. Mr. Rentschler’s work focusses on the planning, supervision, and expert analysis of environmental facilities for the treatment of water and the remediation of soil, facilities for waste recovery and disposal, landfill construction, and landfill gas collection and utilization. He is also responsible for post-closure landfill care, including operation and servicing of gas and leachate systems.
Mr. Rentschler prepares feasibility studies and expert reports for the prevention and utilization of waste and provides support concerning geotechnical issues and soil mechanics during the design process for civil engineering structures.
Mr. Rentschler is the expert IT officer responsible for the firm’s IT infrastructure.
In January 2015 Mr. Rentschler was appointed authorized signatory.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 13
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50


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Ira Albrecht, Diplom Geologist, M.Sc. GIS

Authorized Signatory, Department Manager “Demolition and Waste Management”
Expert for Selective Demolition and Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation

Ms. Albrecht has been the manager of the Department for Demolition and Waste Management as of 2015. She has been working as an expert for selective demolition and contaminated site surveys/remediation for more than 15 years. As a project manager, Ms. Albrecht has gained extensive experience in the planning and supervision of complex remediation and selective demolition projects. Ms. Albrecht possesses broad technical expertise in contaminated sites and the survey, evaluation, and remediation of hazardous substances, including the selection of remediation technologies and the preparation of remediation plans according to the BBodSchG (Federal Soil Protection Act).
Ms. Albrecht also possesses broad background in the preparation of bidding documents, service and contract specifications, the technical review of bids regarding construction work and deliverables, and customer support in the contracting process. Ms. Albrecht is also involved in the fields of geographic information systems (GIS).

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 12
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Heiko Bühler, Diplom Hydrologist

Authorized Signatory, Department Manager “Soil and Water”
Independent Technical Expert for Water Management

Mr. Bühler is the manager of the Department for Soil and Water. In this function, Mr. Bühler’s primary responsibilities include the manpower planning and human resources management of his team. Mr. Bühler is also significantly involved in providing strategic direction for the department, acquisition, and customer service.
His areas of expertise specifically include water provision planning, and analysis and modeling of hydrological processes related to soil protection and water management. His primary focus is on flood and erosion protection, engineering hydrology in civil engineering, groundwater surveys and monitoring, water supply (industrial and drinking water), alternative rainwater utilization, and geothermal energy.
Solid in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience in all aspects of water legislation (Water Act, BayWG – PSW) and soil protection legislation (BBodSchG, BBodSchV) ensures that projects are planned and implemented throughout all stages in compliance with all relevant statutes, guidelines, and (technical) rules.
As a project engineer, Mr. Bühler manages projects in the areas of water management and modeling and performs surveys and risk assessments of potentially contaminated sites. In this context, Mr. Bühler is primarily responsible for the planning and analysis of geohydraulic and geophysical data and pedological surveys (erosion potential), as well as the planning of remotely sensed data acquisition and analysis of such data using GIS technology. Mr. Bühler possesses extensive experience in the areas of soil erosion modeling and simulation of the impact of different types of geothermal energy on the subsurface to serve as a basis for the dimensioning of geothermal systems and as evidence in approval processes.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 15
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Claudia Göblmeier, Diplom Geographer

Authorized Signatory, Department Manager “Management Processes”
Accredited Expert (Bavarian LfW) in terms of the BBodSchG, Article 18, for Subject Field 1

In her function as the manager of the department “Management Processes” as of 2016, Ms. Göblmeier is responsible for the monitoring of core processes. This requires consideration of aspects of process management, quality management (QM), project management, risk management, marketing, acquisition, accounting, human resources management, controlling, and strategic planning.
As the quality management officer, Ms. Göblmeier has been responsible for developing, ensuring, and optimizing the quality management system since 2005. Ms. Göblmeier ensures that project performance meets client specifications and is responsible for the continual development of internal QM processes. Within the scope of controlling, Ms. Göblmeier is responsible for the review of project progress, including adherence to milestones as well as the review of project costs and performance. Ms. Göblmeier has also developed extensive knowledge regarding the preparation of participation applications for international requests for bids.
Ms. Göblmeier has a solid in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience in historical research of contaminated areas/legacy pollution at former military installations and facilities of the German Armed Services (Bundeswehr), and in industrial areas. As a specialist for building contaminants, Ms. Göblmeier has gained extensive experience in the survey, assessment, and abatement of hazardous substances (asbestos, MMF, DDT, PCB, etc.) in indoor spaces and the preparation of related expert reports for buildings requiring selective demolition or remediation.
Furthermore, she has been involved in the processing of numerous projects with special emphasis on the preparation of expert reports in the fields of contaminated site remediation, soil and water protection, and nature and environmental management.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 17
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Katelyn Oakes, M.Sc. Applied Biological Sciences

Department Manager “Natural Resources”
Expert for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Ms. Oakes is the manager of the Department of Natural Resources. She possesses broad expertise in the area of environmental science, with a focus on the creation, analysis, and presentation of GIS data. Ms. Oakes provides customer-tailored GIS support and on-site training, also providing instruction on specialized applications, such as GIS-database systems. With substantial professional experience in the areas of environmental management and soil and water protection, she has successfully managed many projects, and has been involved in the preparation of management plans for threatened and endangered species. Born in the U.S., Ms. Oakes is able to provide unhindered support to clients as a native English speaker. Her duties also include quality management of reports submitted in English.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 47
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Dr. Arnulf Sowa, Diplom Geologist, PhD

Department Manager “Contaminated Sites and Legacy Pollution”
Expert for Remediation and Land Recycling

Dr. Sowa is the manager of the Department for Contaminated Sites and Legacy Pollution, possessing long-standing experience as a project manager for projects involving the survey and remediation of contaminated sites. Dr. Sowa has extensive knowledge of environmental laws, and survey and remediation methods for groundwater and soil contamination. His work primarily concerns land recycling, contaminated site surveys and remediation, hydrology, and waste disposal management. Dr. Sowa has also managed projects in the areas of selective demolition, occupational safety, environmental consulting, landscape planning, hydraulic engineering, groundwater development, geotechnology, and landfill technology.
Dr. Sowa is responsible for the design and development of digital management systems and GIS-linked databases for managing environmental data (sampling and analysis, contaminated areas, sampling location register, eco-accounts, etc.).

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 19
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50


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Karl-Hermann Berger, Diplom Engineer (Civil Engineering)

Expert for Design, Approval, and Implementation Planning

As a civil engineer, Mr. Berger provides support to all departments for interdisciplinary projects. His areas of expertise include municipal water supply and sanitation, geotechnical engineering, landfill construction, and hydraulic engineering, possessing special knowledge of pipeline and facility construction.
Mr. Berger possesses extensive experience in project calculation, planning, contracting, construction supervision, invoicing, start-up, final inspection and approval, and documentation of civil engineering work. He is responsible for the coordination of the basic design, approval, and implementation of detailed planning for remediation and new construction work, e.g. for water supply and drainage systems as well as in the field of waste disposal technology.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 28
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Yven Dickhörner,M.A. Geographer

Expert for Environmental Management

Mr. Dickhörner has been involved in technical environment protection and ecological environment management projects since 2001. In addition to his broad experience as a project manager, Mr. Dickhörner gained extensive experience in team leadership, budgeting, and time management as a department coordinator from 2004 to 2012. With a main focus on ecological issues, Mr. Dickhörner has been involved in the planning and performance of surveys, the performance of long-term monitoring programs, and the development of management measures, and compliance assistance, as well as the processing of relevant environmental data using geographic information systems (GIS), databases, and maps. Through the processing of numerous environmental management projects, Mr. Dickhörner has developed extensive experience in environmental and environmental protection law.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 22
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Annett Görne, Diplom Biologist, M.Sc. International Politics

Expert for Environmental Analyses, Conservation, and Impact Management

Ms. Görne’s responsibilities as a project manager comprise projects in the area of environmental impact and ecological compensation planning, the preparation of landscape conservation support plans, the performance of protected species assessments (saP), biotope diversity assessments based on potential occurrences of animal species, FFH/SPA compatibility studies, and the ecological monitoring of construction projects of public and private organizations and at various military U.S. Army installations. Ms. Görne’s duties also include the performance of ecological surveys including biotope and biotope type surveys (BKBu, BayKompV).

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 21
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Heinz Götz, Diplom Geologist

Expert for Landfill Monitoring

Mr. Götz is an expert for various types of sampling, as well as coordination and organization of fieldwork. Involved in diverse groundwater and soil protection studies, Mr. Götz provides support for surveys related to contamination/legacy pollution and potentially contaminated areas.
Within the scope of landfill monitoring and maintenance, Mr. Götz is responsible for the operation and servicing of landfill facilities, possessing extensive experience in surface and groundwater monitoring, including data collection and analysis.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 14
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Ralph Guillery, Diplom Biologist

Expert for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Databases

Mr. Guillery provides interdisciplinary support for the development of databases and geographic information systems (GIS), including both desktop and web-based GIS solutions. His work includes the programming of applications in VBA, .Net (with ArcObjects), Visual Basic, and SQL. With extensive professional experience using various GIS and database programs, Mr. Guillery possesses extensive knowledge of programs such as ArcGIS, MS Access, QGIS, GRASS, SAGA, and PostgreSQL. Mr. Guillery performs vegetation mapping, utilizing various mobile equipment for data collection with GIS and GPS. Mr. Guillery has also developed his own programs, with which data can be effectively recorded.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 16
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Andreas Hirneiß, B.Sc. Physical Geography

Specialist for Selective Building Demolition

Mr. Hirneiß has been working as a project manager since 2019 for the departments “Demolition and Waste Management” and “Contaminated Sites and Legacy Pollution” with a focus on the planning, coordination, and monitoring of remediation measures and the selective demolition of buildings, the sampling of buildings for subsequent analysis for building contaminants, the assessment of the analysis results, and construction site management. Due to his previous professional experience, Mr. Hirneiß is also knowledgeable about the handling of contaminated sites and legacy pollution, as well as environmental supervision of construction projects.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 55
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Dr. Stephan Huxol, Dipl. Hydrologist, Dr. sc. ETH Zurich

Expert for Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation
Expert for Isotope Hydrology

Mr. Huxol has been working as a project manager since 2019 primarily in the field of contaminated site clean-up. Mr. Huxol’s tasks include the performance and assessment of exploration surveys and remedial surveys at contaminated sites and remediation planning, as well as the organization and technical supervision of fieldwork (soil and groundwater exploration and surveys, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, sampling, etc.).
By education and professional experience, Mr. Huxol is an expert in the field of isotopes of organic pollutants and isotope hydrology.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 54
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Stephan Kienzle, Diplom Geologist

Safety Officer
Expert for Soil Remediation and Selective Demolition

Mr. Kienzle’s expertise comprises contaminated sites surveys/remediation and selective demolition. Furthermore, Mr. Kienzle is a certified coordinator according to BGR 128 for work in contaminated areas. Mr. Kienzle has gained extensive experience in the planning and supervision of complex remediation and selective demolition projects. The main focus of his work in this area is on planning and supervision, and the sampling, declaration, and evaluation of building materials. Within the scope of this work, Mr. Kienzle acts as a consultant and representative for our clients during the process of disposing contaminated materials according to the electronic waste verification procedure (eANV).

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 41
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Herwig Kolloff, Diplom Geographer

Specialist for Selective Building Demolition

Mr. Koloff has been working as a project manager since 2019. The focus of his work has been on all aspects of selective building demolition from planning, coordination and supervision of gutting and remediation measures to deconstruction, to sampling of contaminated building components, to evaluation of analysis results and the preparation of risk assessments, to construction site management.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 27
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Markus Loy, Diplom Engineer (M.A.Sc.) Environmental Protection

Manager of the Investigation Body according to Art. 18 BBodSchG
Expert for Groundwater Monitoring

As a project manager, Mr. Loy possesses extensive experience in the survey/remediation of contaminated sites, adverse effects on the soil, and groundwater contamination. He has managed projects for the remediation/containment of complex contamination involving explosive compounds (EC) and perfluorinated chemicals as the main contaminants. Mr. Loy’s responsibilities also include preventive and post-treatment groundwater protection and the performance of hydrogeological surveys (pumping tests and groundwater tracing studies, compilation of groundwater contour maps, etc.).
As the manager of the investigation body according to Art. 18 BBodSchG (subject areas 1a to 5a), Mr. Loy is also responsible for the sampling of solid matter, and groundwater/surface water/leachate, as well as soil vapor and landfill gas.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 25
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Sven Menge, Diplom Geologist

Expert for Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation/Assessment

Mr. Menge works as an expert for the exploration of contaminated sites. His profound experience gained over many years at abandoned military installations makes Mr. Menge an expert with regard to the planning and performance of exploratory surveys aimed at investigating and assessing the risk potential of groundwater and surface contamination. Moreover, Mr. Menge possesses experience in long-term groundwater monitoring at contaminated sites.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 54
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Owen Muise, Diplom Biologist, M.Sc. UNIGIS

Expert for Species and Habitat Protection

As a biologist, Mr. Muise is responsible for the organization, management, and performance of landscape ecology studies and associated data management, as well as the preparation of reports, such as FFH compatibility studies, management plans, and protected species impact assessments (saP). Mr. Muise has long-standing experience in baseline surveys and preparation of management plans for endangered animals and plants in Southern Germany and on military installations. His main focus is on faunistic surveys and habitat evaluations involving various species groups.
Mr. Muise was involved in the revision of the Red List of Bavaria (reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies), which comprises endangered animal and plant species. For over 25 years, Mr. Muise has also contributed data on breeding birds, reptiles, amphibians, ground beetles, and dragonflies for the Bavarian species distribution atlases. He is also involved in the area of landscape and nature protection planning as an ecological expert.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 27
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Matthias Patrzek, Diplom Geographer

Expert for Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation
Expert for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

As an expert for contaminated site surveys and remediation, Mr. Patrzek’s tasks include the development and implementation of exploration concepts for contaminated sites as well as contaminated site remediation. Mr. Patrzek possesses solid technical expertise in terms of the specifics of Phase IIa and IIb surveys of legacy pollution related to military use and weapon production, and unexploded ordnances. Mr. Patrzek is also involved in the processing of contaminant surveys for soil, groundwater, and soil vapor as well as the assessment of the results and declaration pursuant to BBodSchV, Bay LfW Bulletin 3.8/1 and all relevant waste management-related regulations. As a geographic information systems (GIS) expert, Mr. Patrzek prepares digital maps, and compiles and utilizes geographic information systems.
Mr. Patrzek also provides on-site support in the area of technical environmental protection/disposal. As a safety advisor for dangerous goods according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), Mr. Patrzek attends to hazardous materials and hazardous waste and their transport.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 42
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Mathias Paulus, Diplom Geographer

Soil Science Expert
Expert for Pedological Surveys and GPS-assisted Surveys

Mr. Paulus is involved in the performance of mapping and in-situ tests in the area of soil science, as well as the processing of projects involving geographic information systems (GIS). As a soil science expert, he is responsible for the sampling, recording, and evaluation of soils for projects related to soil and groundwater protection, having planned and performed numerous soil science surveys, including the subsequent analysis and evaluation of the collected data.
In the area of soil and groundwater protection, Mr. Paulus is also an expert for the description, sampling, and assessment of soil and piles of excavated soil material.
Mr. Paulus possesses extensive experience in GPS-assisted mapping and the preparation of thematic maps. He is also experienced in groundwater monitoring and sampling at groundwater monitoring wells, springs, and watercourses within the scope of groundwater tracer tests.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 24
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Birgit Purucker, Diplom Geographer

Expert for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

As a geographic information systems (GIS) expert, Ms. Purucker is responsible for the preparation of digital maps, the maintenance of environmental databases, and the development of GIS applications in the areas of environmental protection and natural resources protection.
Ms. Purucker has long-standing experience in the management of projects related to natural resources management and water management. In the area of natural resources management, Ms. Purucker’s work includes the performance flora and fauna surveys at military installations, the review of natural resources management measures and the update of natural resources management plans. Her duties also include the performance of protected species impact assessments (saP) and the compilation of brochures on nature conservation issues. In the area of water management, Ms. Purucker’s responsibilities include the coordination and processing of projects related to groundwater monitoring and work related to hydraulic modeling projects.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 21
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Elena Recher, M.Sc. Engineering Geology

Expert for Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation

Ms. Rechers’s field of expertise comprises the survey and remediation of contaminated sites. In addition to analytical monitoring of groundwater and soil remediation, her responsibilities include the assessment of pumping and percolation tests as well as groundwater, soil and soil vapor sampling.
Ms. Recher possesses broad knowledge in geotechnical engineering and is involved in the compilation of building ground expert reports and the assessment of geotechnical issues within the scope of contaminated site remediation/containment projects.
As a coordinator for work in contaminated areas according to BGR 128, Ms. Recher is involved – inter alia – in the selective deconstruction of buildings, soil and groundwater remediation and, generally, in contaminated site remediation/containment.
Ms. Recher is also well versed in the use of geographical information systems (GIS).

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 23
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Michael Rinecker, Diplom Geologist

Expert for Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation

The focus of Mr. Rinecker’s work is on issues related to contaminated site surveys/remediation, material disposal and preventive and remedial actions aimed at protecting groundwater and surface water.
In his function as a point of contact to the Environmental Division of the U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, Mr. Rineker is currently primarily providing consulting and support services regarding complex soil contamination and spills.
The planning and performance of technical hazardous substances surveys in indoor spaces and buildings and the assessment of their risk potential from an environmental point of view is another focus of Mr. Rinecker’s work. Mr. Rinecker is a certified asbestos expert according to TRGS 519 as well as for the identification, abatement, and prevention of mildew infestations in indoor spaces.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 26
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Thibaud Stenger, Diplom Geographer

Expert for Contaminated Site Surveys/Remediation

Mr. Stenger has worked as an independent contractor since 2000 on various projects related to the selective deconstruction of buildings, remediation of contaminated sites, geographical information systems (GIS), hydrology, and environmental protection. His work focuses primarily on planning and construction supervision, as well as technical supervision of remediation and demolition measures on areas subject to military or industrial use, or objects of public employers. His scope of activities also includes fieldwork and the sampling of soil and building structures as well as their declaration in terms of disposal requirements and assessment.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 41
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Martin Stüllein, Diplom Geographer

Expert for Building Contaminants

As an expert for building contaminants, Mr. Stüllein’s field of activities include the exploration/remediation of contaminated sites and preparatory work required within the scope of selective building demolition. The focus of Mr. Stüllein’s work is on sampling and assessment of building structures and site management.
Mr. Stüllein also possesses comprehensive experience in the performance of geological surveys.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 52
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50


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Christa Ehrmann, Office Clerk

Office Manager

Ms. Ehrmann is responsible for secretarial work and office accounting. Her duties include human resource management, bid and order processing, and invoice management, as well as post management, ordering of office supplies, and general administrative work.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 30
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Horst-Detlef Prünner, Diplom Engineer (Electrical Engineering)

Expert for Electrical Engineering and Measurement Technology

Mr. Prünner is currently responsible for ensuring the quality of the operative measuring equipment required for the determination of the parameters of groundwater and surface water according to the specifications for the “Sampling of water” Art. 18 BBodSchG. In this context, Mr. Prünner performs control measurements and calibrations according to a specified schedule and provides in-house training for the appointed samplers. Mr. Prünner is also an expert in issues related to electrical engineering.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 22
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50

Silvia Schweighöfer, Translator


Ms. Schweighöfer is responsible for the translation of documents, which range widely in subject matter. Having lived in the U.S. for a total of 13 years during which she translated numerous philosophical texts and newspaper articles, Ms. Schweighöfer’s translations are comparable to those of a native speaker. Over the last several years, Ms. Schweighöfer has become familiarized with specialized terminology in many technical areas, acquiring extensive knowledge in all departments. Her duties also include quality management of reports submitted in English.

Tel.: 0911 / 95 995 27
Fax: 0911 / 95 995 50