The central guidance mechanism for achieving our product and service goals is an integral component of our internal database. The database system provides tools for the monitoring and evaluation of a project’s progress. This information provides the basis for decisions that lead to deadlines being met on-time or altered if required.

The project manager prepares a project plan for the project assigned to him based on the scope of services or contract. Important stages of the project, as described in the contract, are documented as milestones. The project-specific plan constitutes the basis for the proper realization of the assignment, ensuring adherence to quality standards, schedule, and specified budget.

The project plan serves as a reference and standard for the continuous internal monitoring and regulation of the work in progress and is repeatedly updated during the course of the project. During the processing of a project, the project manager determines whether the requirements specified in the project plan are being met accordingly. This ensures that possible errors and/or shortfalls can be corrected in a timely manner.

At important milestones, as specified in the project plan, the project manager, in collaboration with the Quality Management Representative, performs a target / performance comparison in regard to specified schedules and costs.