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Our History

Gibs geologen + ingenieure was established as a BGB company in Nürnberg in 1992 by Wolf Blumenthal and Dr. Heinrich Schoger as equal partners and has been operating as a GmbH & Co. KG company since 2014.

From the beginning, environmental engineering projects (planning and remediation of landfills, surveys, remediation, and monitoring of contaminated sites, surveys pertaining to erosion control and natural resources management) have been the focus of the work.

Over time, Gibs geologen + ingenieure has performed increasingly complex and comprehensive projects for the U.S. Army as well as for a large number of public and private organizations.

Today, the company can look back on numerous successfully completed projects. Expertise, dependability, and the experience gained from over 1,300 projects are the foundation of Gibs’ success. Services adjusted to meet changing needs and requirements resulted in the development of new business sectors, e.g. natural resources management and environmental informatics, GIS, and renewable energy sources to name but a few.

With a staff of approximately 30 highly qualified employees, Gibs geologen + ingenieure has become one of the largest planning and consulting offices for environmental engineering projects in Northern Bavaria.

Our Team

Currently, our team consists of more than 30 highly motivated natural scientists and engineers. We are thus capable of successfully accomplishing a wide range of complex tasks involving various disciplines. Our team is also characterized by extensive language proficiency, being able to provide services in a variety of languages.

Key Contacts:

Dr. Heinrich Schoger
Managing Director


Wolf Blumenthal
Managing Director


Klaus Rentschler
Managing Director


Ira Albrecht
Authorized Signatory and Department Manager


Heiko Bühler
Authorized Signatory and Department Manager


Claudia Göblmeier
Authorized Signatory and Department Manager


Katelyn Oakes



To ensure that the projects entrusted to us are completed in a timely manner and fulfill our clients’ requirements and expectations, our firm follows specified procedures designed to guarantee well-organized and efficient management throughout the project.

The quality of our services can be measured in the large number of successfully completed projects and the long-standing collaboration with our clients. By adhering to our quality management system (QMS), certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, we are able to ensure the implementation of consistent and, whenever appropriate, improved standards to meet the needs of our clients.

In addition, our firm is a certified investigation body according to Article 18 of the BBodSchG and our team comprises expert consultants (Bavarian Water Management Authority, Bayer. LfWU) accredited according to Article 18 of the BBodSchG for the subject fields 1, 2, 5, and 6.

Project Management

The central guidance mechanism for achieving our product and service goals is an integral component of our internal database. The database system provides tools for the monitoring and evaluation of a project’s progress. This information provides the basis for decisions that lead to deadlines being met on-time or adjusted if required.

The project manager prepares a project plan for the project assigned to him/her based on the scope of services or contract. Important stages of the project, as described in the contract, are documented as milestones. The project-specific plan constitutes the basis for the proper realization of the assignment, ensuring adherence to quality standards, schedule, and specified budget.

The project plan serves as a reference and standard for the continuous internal monitoring and regulation of the work in progress and is repeatedly updated during the course of the project. During the processing of a project, the project manager determines whether the requirements specified in the project plan are being met accordingly. This ensures that possible errors and/or shortfalls can be corrected in a timely manner.

At important milestones, as specified in the project plan, the project manager, in collaboration with the Quality Management Representative, performs a target / performance comparison in regard to specified schedules and costs.

Quality Management

We at Gibs geologen + ingenieure have committed ourselves to providing high-quality services and have designated client satisfaction as our top priority.

To us, quality assurance is a leadership skill. Our quality policy is defined by specific guidelines and provisions and is meant to be embraced by all of our staff as an inherent part of their daily work. The management’s exemplary function ensures that personnel identify themselves with the firm’s quality policy.

The high quality of our services is guaranteed by adherence to a systematic quality plan as specified in our quality management system (QMS), which has been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our professional performance is appraised by TÜV Süd in an annually recurring external auditing and recertification process.

Certifications and Accreditations

Certification of the quality management system

  • According to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Investigating body according to Art. §18 BBodSchG (sampling: solid matter, water, soil vapor)

  • (1a) Sampling of solid matter, inorganic parameters
  • (2a) Sampling of solid matter, organic parameters
  • (3a) Sampling of solid matter, dioxins and furans
  • (4a) Sampling and on-site analysis of groundwater, leachate and surface water
  • (5a) Sampling and on-site analysis of soil vapor and landfill gas

Further Accreditations

Wolf Blumenthal

  • Certified architect (“Bauvorlagenberechtigung”) in terms of § 3 (3) 2 of the Architectural Code of Hesse (Hessisches Architektengesetz) in association with § 91 (7) 1 of the Building Code of Hesse (Hessische Bauordnung); listed as a certified architect under no. 7814; Field of Activity: Landscape Architect; date of registration: 04 March 1980
  • “Certified consulting engineer”; listed as a certified consulting engineer under no. 688; date of registration: 16 August 1989

Dr. Heinrich Schoger

  • Authorized by the Bavarian Water Management Authority as an Accredited Expert (Bavarian LfU) in terms of the BBodSchG, Article 18, for Subject Fields 1 (surveys / historic research), 2 (assessment of potential hazards for the pathway soil – groundwater), and 5 (remediation)
  • “Certified consulting engineer”; listed as a certified consulting engineer under No. 11238; date of registration: 16 October 1992

Heiko Bühler

  • Authorized by the Bavarian Water Management Authority as an Accredited Expert (Bavarian LfU) in terms of the BBodSchG, Article 18, for Subject Fields 2 (assessment of potential hazards for the pathway soil – groundwater) and 6 (risk assessment, evaluation, and prevention of detrimental changes to the soil due to soil erosion by water)
  • Independent technical expert for water management (Privater Sachverständiger in der Wasserwirtschaft,PSW) for thermal utilization; final acceptance of groundwater use systems

 Claudia Göblmeier

  • Authorized by the Bavarian Water Management Authority as an Accredited Expert (Bavarian LfU) in terms of the BBodSchG, Article 18, for Subject Field 1 (surveys / historical research)

Plan your career with us!

For the departments Demolition/Construction Site Clearance, Contaminated Sites, Soil & Water, and Natural Resources, we are looking for individuals with several years of professional experience and the following occupations:

Engineer (m/f/o)
Construction manager (m/f/o)
Geoscientist (m/f/o)
Specialist for contaminated sites (m/f/o)
Botanist/Vegetation Specialist (m/f/o)


What We Offer:

Interesting projects and challenging tasks
Ability to work independently
An excellent work environment in a friendly and collegial team
Opportunities for professional development
Flexible working hours and time schedule as well as the opportunity to work from home


Job Description:
Collaboration on preparation of bid proposals
Project management, including responsibility for budget and schedule conformity throughout project performance
Coordination of project performance with clients and subcontractors
Management of project teams


Your Profile:
Completed degree in Civil Engineering, Geosciences, Biology, Hydrology, or a comparable  discipline/specialization
Relevant professional experience in at least one of the previously mentioned fields
Very good knowledge of the German language and good writing skills
Ability to work independently and in a team


Please send your digital application to: kontakt [at] gibs-online.de

Additional information about Gibs geologen + ingenieure available at www.gibs-online.de.

Point of contact: Ms. Claudia Göblmeier


We look forward to your application!

Talk to us about your visions and projects!

Contact Information

Gibs geologen + ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG.
Deichslerstr. 25
90489 Nürnberg

Phone: +49 (0)911 95 99 50
FAX:      +49 (0)911 95 995 50
E-Mail: kontakt [at] gibs-online.de


Gibs geologen + ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG

Deichslerstr. 25
90489 Nürnberg

Phone: +49 (0)911 95 99 50
FAX: +49 (0)911 95 995 50

Email: kontakt [at] gibs-online.de
Website: https://www.gibs-online.de

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